Hot Air Dryer
LHD30 , LHD60 , LHD100
LHD150, LHD200, LHD300, LHD450
LDL600, LDL1200, LDL2000
LDL3000 , LDL4000
Hopper capacity in ltr - 30 to 4000
Options available
LHD Series - Machine mounted / Floor mounted
LDL Series - Only Floor mounted
HD Series - Casted bins on request
• Energy efficient
• Compact and light weight
• Fully insulated aluminium bin with SS cladding
• PID control of temperature
• Large cleaning window for quick material
change over
Options available
• Pneumatic Suction box for line purging
Vacuum Loader
HLE, HLB-E, HLB-E , HBE 3/4 , HLS, SSL06
Conveying capacity - upto 1200 kgs/hr
Options available - Unit with integral blower
System Loader with central
Unit with 3 phase, stand alone
• PLC controlled
• Automatic cleaning of filter after every cycle
• Large discharge opening
• Alarm when material is not being conveyed
• System loader HLS 02-HLS 75 liters
LSG-1, LSG-5
Scissor Cutting Action.
Robust Construction.
Safety Switch For Additional Safety.
By using near an Injection Moulding Machine along with Hopper Loader and Proportioning Valve,the sprues can be Recycled in “Closed Loop”.
Temperature Control Unit
LT150i, LT150, LT200
 90 deg c with water,150 deg c with oil.
Heat Transfer Unit Water/Oil.
Insulated Sealed Tank.
PID Based Temperature Control.
Leak Stop Feature.
Dehumidified Air Dryer
LMD50, LMD80, LMD120, LMD160
LMD200, LMD250, LMD 400
LMD600, LMD800
Also available - Dryers of capacity 1200 to 2400m3/hr (dry air generation)
Dry Air capacity in m3/hr - 50 to 2400
Bin size in ltr. - 15 to 4000 and above
• Continuous supply of dry air to the drying bin
• Closed loop regeneration process
• PLC Control facility to monitor all drying functions
• Large cleaning windows from 100 liter bins
• Integrated conveying versions
Options for LMD 50, LMD 80 and LMD 120, LMD 160, LMD 250, LMD 400, LMD 600, LMD 800
• Pneumatic Operated Suction box for purging operation during conveying
• Dry air conveying
• Water based after cooler for HT version 20 - 40 lpm (Tap / Chilled Water, 2 bar pressure )
• Dew point based change over with display
Central Conveying Solutions

L&T Central Material Handling Systems are designed to suit customer needs in Injection, Blow Moulding,
Thermoforming, Extrusion and Blown Film Lines.

Benefits of Central Systems:
• Increased machine uptime
• Lower scrap/higher yield
• Improved quality, reduced rejections
• Reduced spillage and wastage
• Improved or gained floor space
• Improved safety
• Reduced labour and maintenance
• Reduced energy costs
• Neat and clean shop floor
• Better aesthetics
• User friendly & Modular
Volumetric & Gravimetric Blenders
• Consistent dosing brush less motor
• PLC supported control
• Saving on additives
• Inclined Screw Setting for accurate dosing
• Optional: Loader mounting provision
• Precise Dosing of pellets
• PLC with touch panel
• Saving on additives
• Up to 100 Receipe storage
• Dedicated PLC Module for Load Cell
• Inventory Management
• Selection of Volumetric / Gravi Mode
• Intelligent self optimising control
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